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Welcome to Dreamscape Canada

I offer a wide range of products and services from Original Artwork & Photography to Computer & IT Support

The Dreamscape Gallery is where I feature my gallery of a Collection of Scenes & Portraits from around Canada

Artwork is available to purchase from the store and can be shipped World Wide

Photography Services are Listed in the Menu.


My computer and technology services offered are listed under K3NADIAN computers.

I offer workshops for Familiarization of Computers, to User Interface Training to allow you to be comfortable with your Technology

I build and Design computers based on your needs with some of the best prices and quality hardware.

I also fix and troubleshoot computer & tech issues both in-home or at office for those in the Niagara Area

For More Information visit K3NADIAN Computers

Please Note! This website is being rebuilt...

For any questions please contact me at [email protected]

Thank you

From the Dreamscape Galleries

"Rise Again" 

- Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario, Canada


Dreamscape "Niagara" Canada Gallery

"Downtown Streets"

- Toronto, Ontario Canada


Dreamscape "Cityscapes" Gallery

"Midnight Sun in the Rockies"

- Yoho National Park, British Columbia Canada


Dreamscape "The Rockies" Canada Gallery

Support A Creator​

I hope that you enjoy the content I create!
You can Purchase Prints in the Store - (Link Here)
I am accepting also accepting donations. If you love my work and looking to support me in my creative endeavors please hit that Paypal button below. Not only will you help support an artist and a small business but you will also have my eternal gratitude!
Thank You!