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About Dreamscape Canada

Ken Chambers

"Capturing the Moments that Matter

So you Live the Experiences that Matter"


Born and Raised in St. Catharines, Ken has traveled, lived and experienced many parts of Canada.

Ken is a self-taught photographer and he developed his skills like most artists: through trial and error.

Photography was his way of “escaping” the troubles that came with his mental health.

As he enjoyed watching movies and looking at the different ways directors would capture things, he too became interested in telling stories with photography.

Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, photography became an outlet, allowing him to distract his busy mind with something he truly enjoyed. It gave him the ability to do something that was, in a sense, outside of himself. Ken hopes that through taking photographs and making work that is meaningful to him he can create something that will be enjoyed beyond his lifetime. Most importantly, making images has encouraged him to go outside, be social, try new things and look at the world differently.

Previously these things had been incredibly difficult and the artistic process has helped him in his journey to recovery and stability.

Some of Ken’s work can be viewed through his Facebook and Instagram. Getting his work out through social media has been a great opportunity as it has allowed him to successfully sell his work online, reaching over 25 Countries.


For more information please contact [email protected] or Visit me through social media below.


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Copyright, and Collection of Data & Privacy

No photos are to be taken from Dreamscape Canada for any purpose without proper credit or permission to use without credits!

This isn't me being mean. I Sell and have licenses/exclusivity agreements with companies for some photos.

All photos taken with respect to laws in place and agreements for shooting.
Some locations of third party areas, have been shot either with paid admissions or in public spaces where photography is permitted.
Dreamscape Canada maintains original Copyright of All Photos!

Many but not all Photos are available for physical or digital purchase. 

If you are considering in using my work in your work. Please contact me: [email protected]

Data & Privacy

I take the collection of Data and Private Information very seriously. 

Payment information is never kept by me, and any transactions are done through an invoice. 

I accept payments through PayPal, Bank (E-Transfer), or Credit Card through a 3rd Party Payment Collection System.

Only basic information is ever kept for records of sales, such as Address, Name, and Phone/Email.

Thank you again for checking me out!

Ken Chambers

Owner - Dreamscape Canada