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Professional Live Event Photography

I have been touring around the country for years. Spending time in some of the worst "photographic" environments and making magic happen.
From a large convention, music and charitable events, to band night at the Bar.

You just need to make one promise....

Please smile, please be ready to have your photos taken!!! I will be running around capturing as much of the event as possible at all vantage points. 

I work to be non-intrusive so the audience can focus on the experience. I use flash free photography methods so not to blind the artists.

Shot lists are always a huge help and helps me see what you would like to have included as well.

I do have issues with mobility. I had a severe back injury a number of years ago that limits how long I am able to walk around and stand for.

Please contact to Discuss your event and if this is something that I will be capable of attending and shooting.
I offer coverage of events, and aim to produce high quality photos for sharing, promotion and social media.

All photos of the event are licensed to you with shared copyright to Dreamscape Canada.

Photos are delivered as soon as possible depending on event size can range from 1 day to 2 weeks for full gallery release.

To book

Please Contact [email protected]


Phone 289-407-1619